I am Totally Illogical (Chapter 5)

I am not very good at logic puzzles, so to start this activity off, I will do an easy, A level one. This is the puzzle labeled Tastes in Music on page 85 of Hoaglund.The objective is to figure out which kind of music, car, and house each person has. Many people like to make charts for logic puzzles, but I prefer to just hash it out.

I started with Michelle. The text tells me that she likes the Beatles, so the band is figured out. House? Well, clue G says she doesn’t live in a rancher or colonial. And clue F says that the Nirvana fan lives in the apartment, so that leaves only the townhouse. What about car? Well, clue C says that the person who drives the Kawasaki drives the townhouse. So, Michelle is done.

Jan likes the Grateful Dead (this is given to us by the clues). Car? Clue H says that the person who likes the Beach Boys drives the Buick, and clue F (above) proves that Jan doesn’t drive the pick-up, so we know that Jan drives the Geo. House? Well, first we have to learn more about Greg.

On to Greg. All that we’ve been directly told about Greg is that he doesn’t live in the colonial (Clue D). Fortunately, because of clue E, we know that Greg is the only person who can drive the Buick (since the two girls are figured out). Then, according to clue H, we can deduce that he likes the Beach Boys. What about house? Well, if we again utilize clue F, then we realize that the only option left for Greg is the Rancher. With the rancher out of the way, we can now figure out that Jan lives in the colonial.

That leaves all the leftovers to Vic!

Michelle- Beatles, Townhouse, Kawasaki

Jan- Grateful Dead, Geo, Colonial

Greg- Beach Boys, Buick, Rancher

Vic- Nirvana, Apartment, Pickup


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